Solar mini-grid project at Lake Victoria launched

The construction of the solar hybrid mini-grid project at Lake Victoria by Jumeme Rural Power Supply started in begin May. This project is going to bring widespread off-grid power to communities in Tanzania in a cost-effective and reliable way.

The Lake Victoria project

The project started with the first phase of building 11 new mini-grids on small Islands in Lake Victoria. These mini-grids will supply electricity to 80.000 people non-stop, day and night. Eventually, this comes down to 20 villages. The 24 hour supply is due to the battery storage facilities included in the project.

The second phase of the project will be the built of another 11 min-grids. These mini-grids will electrify even more people, a total of 160.000 in 23 villages.

Founders of the project

The European Union (EU) enabled the project with co-financer ACP-EU Energy Facility. Jumeme Rural Power Supply is a mini-grid operator that connects medium and low voltage distribution networks. Their aim is to supply one million people in Tanzania by 2023. The company is co-founded by the EU and the majority of their shares are owned by Global RP. This is a high-quality renewable energy developer.

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This project is not the first mini-grid system developed by Jumeme. An earlier project from 2016 gave them an indication on the benefits a system like this can have on the community. First of all, the living conditions improve of the newly connected Tanzanians. Furthermore, the local (rural) economy grows by being able to power local businesses. The former project showed a special opportunity for women, who now have the chance to gain economic independence. For example by starting their own venture. And last but not least, the electricity supply gives power to irrigation systems and water pumps, which reduces droughts and improve food production and storage.