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Various non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that are active in Tanzania provide support for renewable energy initiatives, including solar power projects. Whether it be for economic development reasons, providing access to a reliable power supply, or supporting clean energy technologies that help achieve environmental goals, different NGOs assist solar projects as part of their mission. Most of their activities take place in rural Tanzania, and include partners such as communities, schools, hospitals or local businesses.

NGO Support

NGOs active with solar play a vital role in the Tanzanian solar market. Not only do they ensure the collection and dissemination of information on solar opportunities, they also provide training for SMEs and technicians. Perhaps most importantly, they bridge the gap between communities and businesses looking to install a solar system on the one hand and (international) financing organizations and donors on the other. As such, several NGOs in Tanzania financially support projects, providing (non-repayable) grants or loans to overcome capital barriers. Some NGOs even run energy projects themselves, or act as suppliers of energy systems.

Types of Solar Projects

Solar Lighting Project Tanzania
Solar Lighting Project Tanzania

The projects undertaken in cooperation with an NGO will mostly concern the realization of mid-range solar systems. Examples include the installation of mini-grids for rural communities, or bringing solar lighting systems to households. Some NGOs focus on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), setting up solar shops and solar systems for agricultural use. A prime example of this is the solar water pumping system for land irrigation. In addition, community institutions such as schools or hospitals can seek advice or (financial) support from NGOs.

Do you wish to undertake a project in cooperation with an NGO that is experienced in the field of solar power? Then you could start by looking at the following NGOs and browsing through their websites.

NGOs Active in the Tanzanian Solar Power Market

AcraACRA is an Italian NGO that, among other things, promotes sustainable economic development and the use of renewable energy in rural areas. The organization supports local enterprises in this field. It has an extensive electrification program in Tanzania.Dar es Salaam
Norges VelThe Royal Norwegian Society for Development (Norges Vel) supports sustainable business development within the renewable energy market in African countries, especially Tanzania. The organization (financially) supports projects such as the Tanzania Renewable Energy Business Incubator TAREBI.Skjetten, Norway
SNV - Netherlands Development OrganisationSNV is the development organization of the Netherlands, with a local presence in several countries worldwide, among which countries in East Africa. Their expertise is in agriculture, energy and water. Working together with public and private partners, SNV facilitates and finances market progress in the energy market.Dar es Salaam
Solar CircleSolar Circle is a non-profit organization that promotes access to solar power in rural Tanzania. It distributes solar cookers and solar lights.Michigan, U.S.
Solar SisterSolar Sister has adopted the mission to empower women in Africa by bringing clean energy technologies to rural communities.Dar es Salaam
Sustainable Energy for AllSustainable Energy for All provides training, builds partnerships and helps others to gain access to sustainable energy.Vienna, Austria
Urbis FoundationThe German charity organization Urbis Foundation financially supports activities that contribute to a clean environment. The funding measures in Tanzania are aimed exclusively at the expansion and use of solar technology, in particular solar lamps and solar home systems (SHS).Munich, Germany
USAID - United States Agency for International DevelopmentAn international development agency from U.S. origin, active all around the world, including Tanzania. As part of their environment and global climate change pillar, USAID supports clean energy projects, including solar.Dar es Salaam