Diesel and kerosene pump prices are up in Tanzania

The prices at the pump for diesel as well as kerosene are up in Tanzania. This is due to the world oil market prices and mainly visible in Tanga, Dar es Salaam and Mtwara. The differences in the prices come from the period of the importation and the transportation costs.

The increase in diesel and kerosene price

The wholesale price of diesel increases $0.022 per liter (Tsh50,68), for kerosene this will be $0.021 (Tsh50.30). In Dar es Salaam the prices will rise to $0.91 (TSH2131) for diesel and $0.89 (Tsh2096) for kerosene. For Arusha, these pricese will even be higher. $0.93 per liter diesel and $0.97 (Tsh 2286) for 1 liter kerosene.