Last edited: September 2018

Customer groups for electricity and fuel prices

Tanzania’s power supply company TANESCO distinguishes between the following customer groups for setting its electricity and fuel prices:

  • D1 – Domestic Low Usage, for low consumption users (using on average less than 50 kWh per year);
  • T1 – General Usage, for general use of electricity including residential, small industries, commercial and public lighting (applies to consumption above 283 kWh per year);
  • T2 – Low Voltage Maximum Demand Usage, for general use at 400 Volts with average consumption greater than 7500 kWh per meter reading period;
  • T3 – Medium Voltage Maximum Demand Usage, for general use where power is metered at 11/33 kV; and
  • T5 – High Voltage for general use with power is meters of 132kV and above (including bulk supply to Zanzibar).

Additionally in the table below, you can find the grid-supplied electricity and fuel prices per category.

Customer CategoryPrice ComponentCharges from April 1st 2016 - Present
D1Basic Charge-
Energy Charge 0 - 75 kWh / mo100
Energy Charge Above 75 kWh350
T1Basic Charge/mo-
Energy Charge92
Demand (kVA)-
T2Basic Charge/mo14,233
Energy Charge195
Demand (kVA)14,004
T3 - Medium VoltageBasic Charge/mo16,769
Energy Charge157
Demand (kVA)13,200
T3 - High VoltageBasic Charge/mo-
Energy Charge152
Demand (kVA)16,550

Furthermore for petrol products, the Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority (EWURA) has published a price cap. The cap came into effect on August 1st, 2018. There is a maximum price set for both retail and wholesale petrol products, including diesel. The official notice and fuel price caps can be found here.

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