Lindi women report increase in safety and business due to solar street lights

2 years ago, the Lindi Municipal Council set aside 620m for the installation of 155 solar street lights at a cost of around $270.000 dollars (620 million TZS). This to make Lindi more attractive, increase security and improve the working conditions for nighttime street sellers.

Costs of the lights

Solar street lights are expensive, gas and hydropower is cheaper. Still, the municipality decided to go for solar. They think solar street lights have high initial costs, but after installation they have no other extra costs. There are no bills to pay, since the sun in doing all the work. One street lights costs around $1700 (4 million TSH).

Women reports

2 years later, the Tanzanian Daily News reports the experiences of female street sellers after the installment of the street lights. The stories are promising. After dark, the street selling businesses are still busy with customers. The women from the reports say to feel safer. At night the street of Lindi do not feel safe for them, due to harassment from hooligans, robbers and rapers. They say the light makes the evil disappear. The businesses are now opened later, after dark, which increases their profit.

Future plans for solar street lights

Now this projects is proven to be effective, the Regional Commissioner of Lindi says the program will be implemented in all towns.

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