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Various companies are active in the solar power business in Tanzania, serving all different market segments. In fact, these companies selling solar products range from importers to wholesalers, retailers and local solar shops. Most are centred around larger cities, particularly Dar es Salaam, Mwanza and Arusha. While main offices can be found in these cities, the presence of local entrepreneurs in rural areas is on the rise. They, for instance, operate solar shops for off-grid energy solutions which are making it easier for people to access solar products. At the same time, several businesses are working across national borders in different African countries. Even more, they originate from all around the world and many of such companies now have operations and local offices in Tanzania.

Furthermore, you can find an overview of Tanzanian and international solar companies below.

When you are looking for a solar system of a specific type or size, you can select one of the following options for a targeted search. With regards to the subject of the different types of solar power systems, their characteristics and which components can best be combined, read our Types of Systems page.

Types of Solar Companies in Tanzania

1. Solar Home Systems

2. Off-Grid / Commercial

3. Minigrid

4. Utility Scale

5. Wholesale / Manufacturers

Solar Home System Solar Companies

Company NameDescriptionHead Office City
Africa Power Ltd. / Sincronici ty Africa Power (SAfP)By making use of existing cell phone towers, Africa Power provides sustainable energy (solar-powered) to households, micro-enterprises and community facilities which are not connected to the national grid. Payments are made on a pay as you go basis. Through it's SAfP brand, the company also offers solar home systems to charge lighting and appliances, such as refrigerators and TVs.Dar es Salaam
Arti EnergyArti offers solar products, specifically solar lighting. Also, ARTI implemented the World Bank funded Lighting Rural Tanzania Project in partnership with the Rural Energy Agency (REA). Dar es Salaam
EGG-EnergyThe company offers innovative rent-to-own solar home systems between 15W and 200W, which include (at minimum) a solar panel, battery, wiring, a mobile phone charger, and at least 3 lights. Rent-to-own systems are remotely metered, allowing the customer to make payments via mobile money.Dar es Salaam
Karibu Solar PowerKaribu designs, manufactures and distributes a complete solar package, on a pay-as-you-go basis. Their “business in a box” kit is intented as an income-producing asset for an entrepreneur.Dar es Salaam
Mobisol TanzaniaMobisol, a company of German origin with activities centered in Tanzania, Rwanda and Kenya, offers smart 'stand-alone' solar power solutions for households and businesses. Products range from solar home systems (SHS) like TVs to productive use appliances such as multi-mobile chargers.Arusha
Must Lead GroupOffering a range of solar systems, including stand-alone solar home system from 10W to 2MW. Aditionally, the company sells solar irrigation and water heating systems.Dar es Salaam
Sikubora SolarSikubora focuses on aiding people in rural Tanzania by offering a range of affordable solar power systems, from low-power lighting and phone charging, to running electrical appliances and access to television.Arusha
SimusolarSimusolar provides and finances accessible, affordable, and energy-efficient solar equipment designed for off-grid businesses in Sub-Saharan Africa.Mwanza
Solargrid TanzaniaSolarGrid, a Tanzanian company, offers off-grid solar power products and a micro loan program in the form of a pay-as-you-go mobile plan. Products include lighting and multi-device mobile charging stations for businesses.Morogoro
SolarisSolaris brings sustainable and scalable energy to off-grid households and businesses in Tanzania (Lake Region) through modular solar systems paid for through regular mobile payments.Mwanza
Strategic EnergyStrategic Energy is a subsidiary of Strategic Group of Companies Ltd, a company incorporated in Tanzania. It provides energy products and services and distributes solar home systems in rural areas.Dar es Salaam
Trend SolarHeadquartered in Tanzania, Trend Solar offers a range of solar systems from 70Wh systems aimed at low-income households to 32Kw all-in one mini-grid systems. The company also helps with finding financing solutions, by offering a pay-as-you-go mobile plan.Dar es Salaam
Zola / Off-Grid ElectricOff-Grid Electric builds solar-powered lighting systems for rural household use. Through their mobile payment scheme, financing the system is accessable and easy.Arusha

Off-Grid / Commercial Solar Companies

Company NameDescriptionHead Office City
AEGThe Americal Engineering Group (AEG) in Tanzania offers a range of tech products, including: a solar-powered home lighting system (Firefly) with pay-as-you-go financing support, solar water purification technology, solar energy systems of various scales and mobile charging stations.Dar es Salaam
Ageco EnergyAgeco delivers solar systems and services. Products include: solar stand alone systems for lighting and powering appliances; solar water pumps; solar street lighting; and power backup systems used during utility grid power interruptions. Ageco also installs solar hybrid systems and rural electrification systems such as mini-grids, micro-grids and utility solar power plants.Dar es Salaam
Baraka SolarBaraka offers solar energy solutions for private and public partners. All products sold and installed are Baraka Solar Brand, custom designed and maintained by the company after installation.Dar es Salaam
Enda SolarEnda Solar sells off-grid solar energy systems in Tanzania, in cooperation with Medici Engineering GmbH, a Swiss engineering innovator.Arusha
EnsolENSOL is a Tanzanian electrical contractor specializing in solar energy products. The company delivers off-grid and commercial solar systems, as well as technical support by it's in-house engineering team. Products include solar PV panels, solar water pumping and heating systems and solar (street) lighting.Dar es Salaam
Frontier EnergyFrontier, a Danish company focused on African countries,invests in renewable energy project development.Dar es Salaam
Gadge tronixThe company provides renewable energy systems. It's portfolio ranges from simple household solar solutions to comprehensive fully independent operations at off grid locations including lodges and camps.Arusha
Galaxy EnergyGalaxy Energy delivers solar power systems and service. The company offers a broad range of products, from solar street lighting to solar water pumping systems. It also designs and installs customized solar arrays for residential and business use.Dar es Salaam
Greenlink TanzaniaGreenlink is a solar system expert of Dutch origin and has vast experience in African countries, including Tanzania. They deliver off-grid custom-made solar systems for business sites, schools, hospitals and private homes. Financing can be arranged through a lease scheme.Dar es Salaam
Merrywat erMerryWater is a player in the field of solar energy, specifically, selling and maintaining solar power water pumps and plants for industries, office buildings and private homes.Dar es Salaam
NextGen SolarThis U.S.-based company is active in the solar PV power market in Sub-Saharan Africa. It's aim is to reduce the dependency on fossil fuels by building and operating utility-scale solar plants and integrating these systems into a hybrid model with existing diesel plants.International
Photons EnergyA Tanzanian business with knowledge of rural live, this company offers consultation on and supply of renewable energy systems. It's products include solar water pumps and complete solar power systems.Arusha
Power ProvidersDesigning, supplying and installing solar power systems in Tanzania, combined with professional technical support service. Most of the systems installed are off-grid commercial systems and include solar arrays and inverters combined with battery storage. For back-up, a generator can be added. The company offers consultation, but also has a webstore for direct purchare.Arusha
PowerGenPowerGen operates a large number of stand-alone solar micro-grids in Zambia, Kenya and Tanzania. People in rural communities can benefit from their systems by bying clean energy on a pay-as-you-go basis.Arusha
Rex Solar EnergyRex Energy is a Tanzanian company with vast experience in solar photovoltaic (PV) systems and electrical installation works. Their systems are suitable for professional as wel as individual household use.Dar es Salaam
RISEOffering sustainable off-grid solar systems in Tanzania.Dar es Salaam
Ruacha EnergyRuaha Energy is a Tanzanian green energy company that develops, owns, and operates small scale (under 10MW) grid and off-grid renewable energy systems in underserved rural markets in Africa.Dar es Salaam
Sepon LtdThe company delivers solar power equipment, from panels to inverters and batteries. It also supports (young) entrepreneurs, by providing them with loaned solar systems, to be paid off within one year. Possible businesses that can get support are rural ICT, barber shops and TV and mobile kiosks.Dar es Salaam
SunnrgyThis Tanzanian company is specialized in renewable energy products. It designs, sells, installs and maintains solar systems and clean water solutions, with a focus on solar-operated pumping systems.Dar es Salaam
SunSweet SolarSunSweet Solar designs and installs solar PV systems, off-grid as well as mini and micro grids. Entire villages can be powered 24/7 by such grids when they are combined with a generator, but grids are also available for individual commercial or private use. Payments for the energy are made through a PAYG metering system.Dar es Salaam

Minigrid Solar Companies

Company NameDescriptionHead Office City
DevergyDevergy aims to provide reliable access to energy throughout rural Tanzania, by placing micro-grid solar systems in villages.Dar es Salaam
JumemeThe company is a mini-grid operator using solar-battery-diesel hybrid power systems to supply rural Tanzania with clean energy.Mwanza
Power CornerSolaris brings sustainable and scalable energy to off-grid households and businesses in Tanzania (Lake Region) through modular solar systems paid for through regular mobile payments.Dar es Salaam
Rafiki PowerRafiki Power is the Tanzanian subsidiary of the German energy utility E.ON. Rafiki Power installs and operates mini-grids for both rural households and businesses, managing all its systems through an Asset Monitoring and Management Platform. The company partners with other organizations active in the solar market to overcome financial barriers.Arusha
RedaviaREDAVIA provides rental solar farms to businesses and communities in West and East Africa. The company has experience in both on-grid and off-grid solutions.Dar es Salaam

Utility Scale Solar Companies Tanzania

Company NameDescriptionHead Office City
Ruacha EnergyRuaha Energy runs different solar energy projects in Tanzania, including so-called "small power projects". Solar PV generated energy is directly fed into the grid.Dar es Salaam

Whole Sale / Manufacturer Solar Companies

Company NameDescriptionHead Office City
Chloride Exide TanzaniaChloride Exide offers solar systems installation and solar water heating systems.Dar es Salaam
Davis & Shirtliff TanzaniaThis company sells water and energy solutions, including solar modules, water heaters and pumps.Dar es Salaam
Ecolibri / Millennium EngineersEcolibri is a business segment of A.C.E. srl., an Italian company, and supplies a state-of-the-art hybrid energy system combining wind and solar power. Aditionally, it offers solar-powered products such as water pumps, airconditioning and lighting devices.Dar es Salaam
EnergyplusSupplying premium brand solar PV and back-up systems on a wholesale basis in East Africa. Products include solar modules, inverters, chargers, batteries, solar lighting, pumping systems and solar refrigeration.Dar es Salaam