Renewable energy funding mechanism founded by government

The Tanzanian government started up a funding mechanism named the Renewable Energy Project Development Facility (REPDF). The facility will fall under the Rural Energy Agency (REA).

The fund

In total, the worth of the new renewable energy funding mechanism will be over $5 million. There are several donors, more specifically the World Bank, DFID and the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency. This money is meant for project developers, developing renewable mini-grids for less than 10MW per grid. Developers can apply through the website.

Renewable energy

Renewable energy sources include solar, wind, biomass and small hydro. Especially solar power is a growing sector in Tanzania, being the dominant electricity source in rural areas. This new funding mechanisme will help this sector to grow even more. Particularly since (micro)financing has been a problem for the sector. More about subsidies in Tanzania? Read it here.

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