Off-Grid Solar Report by GOGLA: Powering Opportunity, The Economic Impact

GOGLA, the global association for the solar industry, has published a report on the economic impact of solar in the off-grid sector. The solar systems considered in the report are small-scale pay-as-you-go (PAYG) solar systems in Kenya, Mozambique, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda.

Conclusions on off-grid solar

The GOGLA publication concludes that households using small scale-solar power in East Africa are reporting a rise in economic activity. This is due to improvements in income and job opportunities. Furthermore, it demonstrates the economic benefits of off-grid power from in the developing world.

Consequently, nearly 60% of off-grid solar owners undertake more economic activity within just three months of using a solar home system. Above all, they work longer, start businesses or get a new job.

Image of the key findings of a GOGLA research on energy
The key findings of the GOGLA report
Percentages in a GOGLA research on solar energy
Solar Business Main Activities (Percentage of Income Generated)

Read the full report here and more on solar power systems can be found here.